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There are several theories as one might expect as to which Deep South family Searcy's came from which Searcy ancestors. Searcy's first appeared in the Deep South in Georgia (GA). They soon moved into Territories that later became Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisanna and Florida.

The following is the first installment in the study of the Deep South. Stay tuned for more!

The Searcy Family of Early Georgia – the Tale of Three Aaron’s ©

 The bad news is we have too many Aaron Searcy’s in Early Georgia. The good news is that we have so many Aaron Searcy’s that they may hold the key to unraveling the Searcy Family of Early Georgia.

First some background. After the War for Independence and prior to the 1805 Land Lottery, GA was roughly the eastern one quarter of the present state situated along the South Carolina border and the Atlantic Ocean; the balance being Indian land. If Daniel Searcy and other brothers migrated to GA, they would have lived in this area. Land was obtained under a head right system prior to the first lottery. The 1805 Land Lottery opened up a new strip of land immediately to the west of the head right lands to create Baldwin and Wilkinson Co’s and a separate section near the modern-day Florida border to create Wayne Co. William Searcy (b.1777) and James Searcy were residents of Washington Co, GA between March, 1803 to March, 1804; the registration period for the 1805 lottery. They had to have lived in GA for one year prior to March 1803.

Washington Co, GA was founded in 1784. The newly formed Baldwin Co, GA was selected as the new state capital location in 1804. Lands were added to Baldwin from Wilkinson several times; in 1807, 1812 and 1826. Unfortunately, Washington and the newly formed Wilkinson Co’s have lost most early records due to court house fires; thus creating a major hurdle to solving the early Searcy Family of Early Georgia.

Aaron Searcy the Elder

Aaron Searcy (b.ca.1763), the elder. Aaron’s family claimed that he had served in the Revolutionary War. Assuming age 17 in 1780 would make him a late but youthful participant. It’s highly improbable that he was much older during the War era as he would have appeared in NC tax roles or other records. As Aaron’s family relied on William Searcy (b.1777) for handling their land lotteries after his death, let’s start with the assumption that Aaron and William were brothers. William Searcy’s father was Daniel Searcy, and Daniel was an adult by at least 1765. So we have a plausible home for Aaron Searcy the Elder.

Aaron did not pay the nominal price for a land draw in 1805, suggesting he was dumb and happy where he was. William Searcy (b.1777) and James Searcy of Washington Co, GA did participate. There are, however, no further known records of James Searcy. By 1810, Aaron and William were both recorded in the Baldwin Co, GA tax rolls. Aaron died prior to 1819, but may have settled in Wilkinson Co, GA prior to his death. William Searcy (b.1777) represented him and his orphans in the 1820 Land Lottery.

Aaron Searcy (b.ca.1763) was probably married to Elizabeth Xxx Searcy (b.1780); considering their age difference, she could have been a second wife. In the 1820 US Census of Wilkinson Co, GA, Elizabeth Searcy was the head of household with 1 male age 0-10, 2 females 0-10, 1 female 10-15 and 1 female 26-44 (herself). Aaron could have had older children by a first wife at this time in their middle thirties. (1820-1763 = 57-21 = 36).

On 02-27-1821 there was a notice for sale of “..part of lot 182 whereon Elizabeth Searcy now lives in Wilkinson Co, GA.” Elizabeth Searcy (b.1780) remarried to James Bulloch in 1823 in Wilkinson Co, Ga. James Bulloch was born in 1755 in NC. They were both included in the 1850 US Census. On 11-12-1832 there was a notice of application to the Inferior Court of Wilkinson Co, GA to sell property of Aaron Searcy dec'd in Wilkinson Co, GA, which infers that the youngest child of Aaron and Elizabeth had reached adulthood.

Aaron’s probable brother, William Searcy (of Talbot Co, GA) was born in NC in 1777; he was the son of Daniel Searcy of Johnston Co, NC. He married Sarah Smith and their first child Mariah Searcy was born on 05-24-1804 in Washington Co, GA. William Searcy registered for the 1805 Land Lottery in Washington Co, GA – but did not receive any land; he relocated first to Baldwin Co, GA by 1810 thence to Talbot Co, GA by 1834. William had three sons, Daniel Bartlett Searcy (b.1809,) John Smith Searcy (b.1820), and William Harris Searcy (b.1825). Since John Smith Searcy’s middle name was his mother’s maiden name, we can assume that Bartlett and Harris were surnames that also carried significance for this family.

One of Aaron Searcy’s children was probably George Searcy (b.ca.1811). George Searcy of Wilkinson Co, GA was born circa 1811. His relationship and birth date assumptions are based on his residency in Wilkinson Co, GA, Elizabeth Searcy’s 1820 US Census in Wilkinson Co, GA, where she had one male child age 0-10 (born between 1810 and 1820) and Aaron Searcy’s estate in Wilkinson Co, GA which was sold in 1832, inferring his youngest children were now likely to be of age (1832-21 = 1811).

George Searcy volunteered in Capt George B Burney’s Co in Wilkinson Co, GA during the Creek War for 3 months. He enlisted at Irwinton, GA (county seat of Wilkinson Co), mustered into service on 06-06-1836 and was discharged a month later on 07-07-1836 at Columbus, GA. 

On 01-26-1840 George Searcy of Wilkinson Co, GA deeded land to Joseph P Shaw of Cass Co, GA;  Lot 99, 21st Dist, 2nd Section in Cherokee Co, GA, 40 acres more or less for $80. This land was obtained from the 1832 (Seventh or Gold) Land Lottery. The lottery drawings took place from Oct-1832 to May-1833. A bachelor age 18 or older with 3 years residency was eligible for a land draw.

On 11-05-1841, George Searcy married Elizabeth Jones (b.1815, GA) in Wilkinson Co, GA. Their children were Nelthy Ann Searcy female, born 1842 in GA, Jones Searcy female, born 1844 in GA, Taylor Searcy male, born 1848 in GA and George J Searcy male, born 1849 in GA. Incidentally Taylor was a family surname in Wilkinson Co, GA. George Searcy died on 02-06-1850; just before the US Census.

Elizabeth Searcy - widow - filed twice for a bounty grant, first for the 1850 Act (Warrant No 36,720; 06-09-1852; 40 acres) and secondly for the 1855 Act (Warrant No 92373, 120 acres). She supplied George Searcy's service record, including his discharge and their marriage information. There was no indication of his birth year, birth place or parents’ names. In 1855 Elizabeth was living in Bibb Co, GA.

The last possible ancestor we have of Aaron Searcy (b.ca.1763) is Ada Searcy; she married Jeptha Bulloch on 02-24-1841 in Wilkinson Co, GA. Elizabeth had two girls ages 0-10 in 1820, so this could be a 21 year-old female, or older. Recall that Elizabeth married James Bulloch in 1823; he was the only Bulloch in Wilkinson Co. GA in 1820, so Ada and Jeptha were probably step children who were raised together.

Aaron Searcy, the Middle Man

Aaron Searcy (b.ca.1790) is the most clearly understood of these gentlemen. He was a son of George Searcy (b.ca.1760-65) of Cumberland Co, NC. Aaron Searcy married Rebecca Xxx (b.1788) in NC. Their first child Delilah Searcy was born in NC in 1812 and their second child George W Searcy was born in GA in 1815.

Aaron Searcy (b.ca.1790) and his brother Benjamin R Searcy (b.1797) immigrated to GA in 1815. Aaron Searcy was in Jones County, GA where on 11-24-1815 he granted power of attorney to his brother “John Searcy of Cumberland County, NC” to represent his interest in “..a certain piece of land lying in Cumberland County in black river (sic)..” The record was witnessed by Benjamin Searcy. Aaron lived in Baldwin Co, GA from 1820 until his death in 1839. A more complete biography will be added at a later date.

Interestingly, this Aaron Searcy also had common records with William Searcy (b.1777), which would make sense as they were likely first cousins. In the 1834 Baldwin Co, GA tax rolls, Aaron was listed as “Agent for William Searcy.” William Searcy (b.1777) had recently relocated to Talbot Co, GA from Baldwin Co, GA.

Aaron Searcy the Younger, aka Tishomingo Man

Aaron Searcy (b.ca.1797) was born in NC, but he was already in AL as a 20 year-old when he married Martha Jones on 09-21-1817 in Cahaba Co (which became Bibb Co), AL. Martha was also born in GA. Their son Freeman Jones Searcy was born in AL on 01-19-1830. This family relocated to northern MS by 1831.

 The only clue we have for Aaron’s identity is his association with a younger Searcy, Irwin Searcy, a probable brother. Irwin Searcy (b.1809) was born in GA and stayed in the state much longer than Aaron. Irwin Searcy participated in the 1832 Georgia Land Lottery, receiving Lot 290 in Monroe Co, GA while a resident of Baldwin Co, GA. Aaron Searcy (b.ca.1790) represented Irwin Searcy in the Baldwin Co, GA Tax Roll, 40 acres in Cherokee Co, GA in 1834. Irwin Searcy married Sarah A Brown in Crawford Co, GA on 10-15-1835. He moved to MS to join Aaron Searcy (b.ca.1797) by 1839. His land representation by Aaron Searcy in Baldwin Co, NC would suggest another close relationship, yet another cousin from an uncle other than Daniel Searcy and George Searcy?

More Information on Aaron Searcy the Younger, aka Tishomingo Man

 Some genealogist have assigned Aaron Searcy of Tishomingo, MS as a descendant of John & Phoebe Searcy of Granville Co, NC. John’s oldest son William has a son William who served in the Revolutionary War. This solder’s wife, Sarah Searcy applied for a widow’s pension and provided a leaf from their Bible with husband, wife and children’s names. William and Sarah Searcy of Guilford Co, NC list of children were Peter (b.1782), Elizabeth (b.1784), Cary (b.1787), Aaron (b.1790) and Sarah (b.1793). It would be a tempting assignment, especially since one child, Peter Searcy migrated to Tishomingo, MS and died there. He also lived in NC, TN, KY and MS.

 New information has been found that eliminates this family as Aaron Searcy of Tishomingo lineage. Aaron purchased a tract of land in Tishomingo and named a sister as owner of the title and then provided a note for payment. He never made good on the note, and as often happened, the note was sold and taken to court. Aaron defaulted and the land was put up for public sale. The title was clouded because Aaron’s sister was named whereas he defaulted on payment plus the deed transfer misquoted the correct quarter section of land in question. The case went to the state’s Higher Court of Errors and Appeals for final verdict. In the summary, Aaron’s sister is mentioned as Susan Bows who intermarried with E. F. Boren in Henderson Co, TN. There Susan sits in the 1850 US Census with her husband, Elijah F Boren. Susan Searcy Bow Boren was born in 1804 in NC; there was one daughter 14 years old – may or may not have been her child.

 Aaron Searcy (b.1797) now has a confirmed sibling and a probable sibling:

                Aaron Searcy     born      1797       NC          Married in Alabama
                Susan Searcy    born      1804       NC          2md marriage in Tennessee
                Irwin Searcy       born      1809       GA          (moved to Tishomingo from GA)


Aaron Searcy (b.ca.1763) was likely the son of Daniel Searcy (b.ca.1742) and brother of William Searcy (b.1777)

Aaron Searcy (b.ca.1790) was the son of George Searcy (b.ca.1760-65) of Cumberland Co, NC. George Searcy and Daniel Searcy were brothers, so these first two Aaron’s would be first cousins.

Aaron Searcy (b.ca.1797) was not a son of Daniel Searcy (could have been a grandson) or a son of George Searcy. Aaron is likely to be a brother of Irwin Searcy, who followed him to MS. Given their later birth years, this Aaron Searcy is more likely to be the grandchild of one of the Searcy brothers of Johnston/Cumberland Cos, NC (possibly a son of Aaron Searcy (b.ca.1763) - aka Aaron Searcy the Elder!.

There was another brother William Searcy Junior, who appears to have left Johnston Co, NC circa 1796 or shortly thereafter - but there is no firm evidence of his presence in GA. Aaron Searcy and Irwin Searcy could also be related in some manner to James Searcy, whose only record was a lottery draw in 1805 from Washington Co, GA.

Other Deep South Early Searcy’s – Probably Born in North Carolina

James Searcy (b.ca.1783, or earlier) registered for the 1805 Land Lottery in Washington Co, GA; he is assumed to have been born in NC. He was an adult by this time making his birth prior to 1783. James could be a son of Daniel Searcy, or his brother William Searcy Junior. He is NOT a son of George Searcy of Cumberland Co, NC.

The next installment: Searcy Family of the Deep South - First Searcy's Born in Georgia