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North Carolina
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Civil War

This topical section may branch out to include all military conflicts up to 1865, but most service records prior to the WBtS will be integrated into studies by geographical areas. I'm inclined to leave this dedicated to the American conflict where families suffered greatly over differening politics, slavery, economic devastation and countless casualties. Your opinions are welcome.

The War Between the States has many resources available for research. In my original studies done long ago in the deep South, I found many hard to find records. These will be documented for all to benefit from. My early research in the 1980's to mid-90's included the U S National Archives and State Archive files in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

Record groups include the Federal service records, Confederate service records, pensions, widow's pensions, miscellaneous state records of muster rolls and paroles and other military info found in the War of Rebellion Series and Confederate Veteran's Magazine.